Our Vision

Making art is good for the body & mind.

It's like a therapy that makes you happy.


Good news is anyone is creative ! (:

So you shouldn't be afraid to try!


Now, time for action!

Take a colorful sticker sheet and start sticking, wherever you want, in the way you want!

Oh... And be crazy! You might want to make a guitar out of a banana, who knows?


This is a funny story actually (:

Aurélie Andrès (the founder) was waiting for an Australian friend in a library. She raised her head when she heard "Oh really" - happy that her friend finally manage to get a name right - but it was not her!


Aurélie Andrès

The fashion designer behind Oh really!

Aurélie has studied fashion in the North of France and is specialized in textile embellishment & techniques such as embroidery, weaving, print & textile dyeing.


After several years as a textile designer for fashion brands such as Swildens and Leon & Harper,

she decides to take on a new challenge and flies to New York & India to follow creative opportunities. 

Back in Paris & filled with new ideas, she creates her own design studio and collaborates with Louise Misha, Leon & Harper, Majestic Filature, Pimkie, Habitat, Made.com on fashion

& decoration projects.

An opportunity leading to another,

Aurélie starts exploring shop windows staging and adds Tape art

to her list of skills.


To much public acclaim,

she creates delicious paper fruit shapes with a paper tape during the NYC & Tokyo Playtime trade show.

Aurélie realizes that many people asked how they can get her designs for their home.

Progressively, the idea of creating
her own brand grows, to respond to the requests. 




Discover our colorful & crazy universe (:

interested by a collab?

Let's be in touch!

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